Friday 27/November - 2015. - Vienna, Austria Weekend - 2015. - On Friday 27/November - 2015, we took a Jet2 flight from Newcastle upon Tyne to Vienna International Airport, for a 2 night stay in the beautiful city of Vienna Austria.

We arrived at our Hotel "The Hotel Prinz Eugen" at Wiedner Gürtel 14, 1040 Wien, Austria, at around lunchtime on Friday 27/November, after checking in at this beautiful small, but comfortable and clean hotel. We chilled out for around 1 hour before setting off looking around Belvedere Palace and Gardens, A beautiful area within 5 minutes walk from our hotel. We strolled around these beautiful gardens on a cold Vienna day, thinking this is so beautiful, imagine what this would be like in spring & summer with the gardens in full bloom. After we came out of The Belvedere Palace and Gardens, we stopped off at The Salm Bräu Restaurant - we had a couple of beautiful beers in this warm friendly setting of a very busy restaurant, that served traditional Viennese food.

After having a couple of beers, we made our way back to our hotel, for a rest, then shower and out for dinner at a very the beautiful Ristorante- Pizzeria Don Giovanni, the food was excellent, after dinner back to our hotel for a couple of beers, then off to bed after our first day here in Vienna, Austria.

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