USA - 1998 - John Macs Travel & Photography.

USA - 1998.

 My twelthth visit to the USA was in 1998, and I went with my friends John Moore, Stevie Cameron, and Ray Pallan.

We took a flight into San Francisco, California, staying for a couple of nights, before taken a flight to The Hawaiian Islands, before flying back to LAX, Los Angeles, California, and having a short tour before returning to Los Angeles, California again, for our flight back to the UK.

On this trip we started off in San Francisco, California, then of to Hawaii for 10 nights visiting, Oahu, Maui, and The Big Island, Las Vegas, Nevada, Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Anaheim, California, Universal Studios, Hollywood, California, Costa Mesa, California, finishing of here before we took our flight to back home to the UK. A total memorable vacation.

USA - 1998.

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