My third visit to the USA was in 1980, and I went with my friends John Moore, Alan Noble, Wilbur MacPhail, and Bernie Keating. While we were in Florida, we met up for around five days with a couple of other friends, Kenny McIntyre, Ian MacPherson.

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We travelled around from New York to Los Angeles, and Hawaii by flying and driving, this was a great vacation, and proved to be a fantastic four week tour. We stayed at Hotels/Motels everywhere we went, but while in Hawaii, we stayed at The Sheraton Waikiki. On this trip we started off in New York, flew everywhere using Continental Airlines Sky Pass. This vacation was a fantastic adventure for the five of us, travelling across the USA starting off in New York City and then as follows, Washington DC, NASA Houston also The Astrodome, Texas, New Orleans, Walt Disney World & SeaWorld, Miami Beach, Key Largo, Florida, The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Nevada, The Grand Canyon National Park, Universal Studios, Hollywood California, Los Angeles, California, San Diego & San Francisco, California and Oahu, Hawaii.

What a fantastic holiday the five of us good friends had while travelling together. Having a great laugh, but also enjoying the sights that this wonderful country The United States of America had to offer.

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