14/July - 2015. - Santa Monica, California, USA - 2015. - Up early this morning, for our last full day here in the USA. Not much happening today. We had a walk along to Venice Beach, California, we stopped off at The Fig Tree Cafe in Venice Beach for a beautiful breakfast.

USA - 2015. - We walked along Venice Beach as far as we could, then set off on a return walk to Santa Monica, California, having a walk onto Santa Monica Pier, it was hot out there today, we had a beautiful ice cream. Back to our room to cool down then out for dinner and beers. Arriving back in our room later that day and making sure everything in order for our flights back to UK tomorrow. Arriving in UK on Thursday.

15/July - 2015. - Up this morning, we went out to The Kings Head, for a nice big breakfast, back to our room chill out, shower and on our way to LAX for our flight back home.

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