10/July - 2015. -  Death Valley, California, USA - 2015. - We left our hotel at 07:30 am in Las Vegas, Nevada this morning heading for Death Valley, California.. Stopping off at Pahrump, Nevada at Mom's Diner, a fantastic place to eat, we had a great breakfast at this beautiful little diner.

USA - 2015. - Driving around another 30 miles from there into Death Valley, California. This is an awesome place to be, that landscape holds its own beauty. Stopping off along the way taken photos of the beautiful landscapes. We stopped of at Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, there are some fantastic views of Death Valley from here. The landscapes here in Death Valley, from the time we entered this National Park. were awesome.

"You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet Until Your In Death Valley, California".At one point in Death Valley, at Badwater Basin, you will find yourself (Like I Did) at 282 feet below sea level. - Death Valley, California is "HOT & AWESOME".

In middle of miles of treacherous salt flats, Badwater Basin is actually some distance from the pool that gives it its name. You walk along a wooden pier that lets you get onto the salt flats. Walking out onto these salt flats is hot, it is an amazing sight to see, miles of salt flats, in the middle of this amazing national park. People Queue Up For A Photo @ A Sign That Denotes The Actual Spot That Is 282 Feet Below Sea Level. "Death Valley Record Of The Highest Temperature" as on July 10th - 1913 it was 134 deg. "On Average Death Valley Is The Hottest Place On Earth"

We stayed the overnight at Furnace Creek Ranch,  at around 4:45pm, as we went for something to eat, the temperature was showing at 117 deg. We had  a couple of ice cold quenches, the end to a very hot day.

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