09/July - 2015. - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - 2015. - This morning we decided to have breakfast in The Black Bear Diner, we took a short drive to this diner in Las Vegas, at that time we topped up our car with petrol, as leaving early tomorrow morning for Death Valley, California, so we got things organised this morning. We had a walk up the strip from our hotel here at The Palazzo to The Paris.

USA - 2015. - Although it was hot, I have been here in Las Vegas in the past when it was hotter "Very Hot" We had a look around at Caesars Palace. It’s Still A Class Place. We took some photos while walking around the Forum area. Caesars Palace, is still one of the most lavish & iconic hotel/casinos in Las Vegas. I remember in 1978, while camping all over the USA myself and friend Peter Charlton went to Caesars Palace to see Tom Jones, we had a fantastic night as we took to girls from our camping tour “Trek America” to see Tom Jones.

The Paris is another beautiful hotel. Myself & my friend John L Moore (Scona) stayed there in 2000. It’s incredible walking up Las Vegas Strip, passing all of these theme hotels. From the time I first arrived in Las Vegas, “1977” till the last time in Las Vegas “2011” it has changed so much it is unbelievable, and it's still changing. O'Shea's pub has came a long way since we first discovered it many years ago. It has now been incorporated into the new hotel “The LINQ Hotel & Casino” - we went there for a couple of ice cold quenches before dinner tonight. Another Great Day.

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