06/07 - July - 2015. - Laughlin, Nevada & Oatman, Arizona, USA - 2015.

USA - 2015. - 06/July - 2015. - After breakfast we left our hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, and headed towards Laughlin, Nevada. We arrived here in Laughlin, Nevada @ around 12:00 noon. Getting checked straight into our hotel, the temp when we arrived 102 deg "Bloody Hot". You just do not have the energy to do anything, tried a bit sunbathing, lasted one hour. Here in The Nevada desert, there is no breeze, so it’s like being in a furnace. Once back into our room, a good shower, then cooled down on ice cold quenches. Laughlin is a gambling town on the banks of The Colorado River, just over the Nevada border. We had dinner and a couple of ice cold beers that night.

USA - 2015. -07/July - 2015. - When we got up this morning, we had a walk along the banks of the Colorado River on our way to breakfast.  It was such a beautiful morning for a walk along the banks of the Colorado River, even though at that time of morning 07:00 am, it was around 85 deg. We decided to do a round trip to Oatman, Arizona, this is a little town on Old Route 66, at the edge of town we were greeted as we entered Oatman, by wild burros, we had to drive around these as they stood in middle of road. "These Burros Are Protected"

There are also a few Burros that do come into town regularly the hills surrounding Oatman, there resides many wild burros and different herds of them. These burros are direct descendants from the Gold Miners that brought them to the area as pack animals.We had a good couple of hours in this quirky little town on Old Route 66. Having dinner that night at The Black Bear Diner, finishing off the night with ice cold quenches.

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