30/June - 2015. - Pikes Peak, Colorado, USA - 2015. - We had a great start this morning, leaving our hotel at 07:15 am for our travel to Pikes Peak, Colorado. 14115 ft high, it took us around one & quarter hours to get from bottom to top. The weather was fantastic all the way up to the summit, it gets quite scary travelling up, looking out of the window seeing that shear drop "It’s A Long Way Down" at the top you get breathless as the air is so thin.

USA - 2015. - On the way up to the summit of Pikes Peak, we came upon this beautiful area, Crystal Creek Reservoir. Stopping off there for a short while before continuing our journey up Pikes Peak, beautiful scenery. We made it to the top and what a fantastic view from the top of Pikes Peak, and some beautiful places to see on the way up.

It's another place that you have to be there to fully experience it. We spent over an hour at the top of Pikes Peak before we decided to travel back down "In A Very Low Gear" There is 20 miles of winding road to get to the bottom. There was a group of cyclists, coming down from the summit at 14,115 ft to the bottom, it was an awesome sight to watch.

We arrived at our motel, The Super 8 Motel, Cañon City, Colorado. After checking in we went out for dinner and a couple of beers.

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