29/June - 2015. - Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA - 2015. - After breakfast this morning, we left our motel in Cheyenne, Wyoming, making our way to Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

USA - 2015. - We arrived at the beautiful Estes Park, Colorado at around 08:45, driving through this beautiful village and continuing onto Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. We arrive at Rocky Mountain National Park at around 09:00 am, spending around just over 3 hours in this beautiful park.

This is one of those places where photos don't do it justice. Turning every corner, driving up through the Rockies to around 12000 ft, the air was very thin, and at times hard to breath, while out of the car photographing. There was plenty of elk in the park, and while driving through this beautiful national park, we came upon a beautiful male elk, such a beautiful sight to see. We were in the middle of the one most beautiful place on this vacation. Rocky Mountain National Park is awesome. We are so happy we arrived here in The Rocky Mountains early, as this gave us plenty of time to enjoy the beauty that The Rocky Mountain National Park has to offer.

After our visit to this beautiful park, we continued our journey to our motel, having dinner and couple of beers, to end another great day of beautiful scenery.

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