24/June - 2015. - Yellowstone National Park & Cody, Wyoming, USA - 2015. - We did not know what today would bring, as travelling between Jackson Hole, Wyoming & Worland, Wyoming.

USA - 2015. - We thought we had seen it all and no photos today. As we cut through Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, at around 07:30am this morning, we had to turn back as greeted by this beautiful sight at The Oxbow Bend Turnout, there was a beautiful river "The Snake River", so still like a millpond and this beautiful reflection of Mount Moran in the river. We were told that this is the most photographed place in the entire park, and possibly the most recognized image of The Grand Teton National Park

After those beautiful photos of Mount Moran in The Snake River at Oxbow Bend, we thought it could not get any better but "It Did" - As after driving through Teton National Park, Wyoming, we had to also to come through Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, heading east.  But as we came through Yellowstone National Park - "There She Was Mother Grizzly Bear & Her 2 Cubs". Panicking, getting cameras out and just shooting image after image, "It Was A Fantastic Experience Just Watching This Large Bear With Her 2 Cubs Feeding" (Heart Beating & Lump In Throat Time).

After we left Yellowstone National Park, we headed for Cody, Wyoming, the ultimate cowboy town in Wyoming. We visited The Buffalo Bill Centre, and surrounding parkland. A beautiful place to visit, we looked around and took some photos. Arriving here in Worland ( A Canny Geordie Name), Wyoming, checking in to our beautiful little motel, The Days Inn, after checking in, we went out for dinner & beer at The Cow Camp, in Worland.

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