22/June - 2015. - Yellowstone National Park, USA - 2015. - This morning after breakfast we left for Yellowstone National Park at around 07:15 am, stopping off at the 45th parallel, which is halfway between The Equator & The North Pole.

USA - 2015. - We continued onto Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces for just a couple of more photos, as this was early morning, and the hot springs look more amazing in that early morning light. We continued around Yellowstone National Park doing a loop around one area, which took us until around 15:30 until we left the park.

We came across numerous Bison, they look docile, but they are responsible for more deaths in Yellowstone National Park, than any other animal. We also came across an Elk resting in the shade. A very enjoyable day here in Yellowstone National Park, we visited Mammoth Hot Springs, Lower & Upper Terraces, The Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone, Lower Falls, And Artists Point, the sheer beauty of this park is awe inspiring, to be here is a dream, as in all of the national parks in the USA. - "Nature Is A Wonderful Thing".

We returned back to Gardiner, Montana, having dinner and couple of beers, to end another good day.

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