21/June - 2015. - Yellowstone National Park, USA - 2015. Up early this morning, and after breakfast we set off for Yellowstone National Park, we stayed for 2 nights at The Super 8 Motel in Gardiner, Montana. After chilling out at our motel we went into the Yellowstone National Park for a couple of hours today.

USA - 2015. - We spent time around the visitor centre area at Mammoth Hot Springs, there were around one dozen elk lying around the greens/lawns near the visitor centre, the park ranger told us that when people see them, they believe they are tame, but as the ranger said "The Policy Of Yellowstone National Park" is "The Park Belongs To The Animals - It's Their Home" - they go where they want, and "They Are Wild" - So Beware.

While in this area we had a walk up the Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces, These terraces of thermal hot springs were created thousands of years ago, this is a beautiful sight to see, it depends on the weather and time of day, as how the colours of the terraces would look to the human eye. Every day you could take a photo of this same area, and they could/would look different. After coming out of Yellowstone National Park, we returned to Gardiner, Montana (Just On The North Gate Of Yellowstone) to our motel We decided we would have dinner at "The Outlaw Pizza Restaurant". We had beer, soup, salad bar, and "A Large Pizza - Between Us" we could only eat half, as we were too full, we could not eat anymore, even though the pizza was very nice. - "We Gave The Other Half Away".

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