10/June - 2015. - Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument, Washington State, USA - 2015. - This was a fantastic day out, after leaving Portland, Oregon and driving up to Mt St Helen's we visited Coldwater Lake, this was a beautiful Lakeland area set in Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument area. We stopped off here for to check this out, we were told that Coldwater Lake did not exist before the Big 1980 Mt St Helens Eruption, nature formed this lake due to the activity of Mt St Helens Eruption in 1980. "A Beautiful place created by nature".

USA - 2015. - We continued our journey in this beautiful national park, stopping off along the way at different viewing points, until we reached Johnston Ridge Observatory around 37 miles into "Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument" all of the fauna & flora are growing here again naturally. It is so beautiful to look at, getting closer and stopping at every viewing area until you reach Johnston Ridge spending time here, taken in the beautiful views. (You Just Had To Be There To Appreciate This). Driving on to our hotel, The Best Western Plus Executive Inn, Seattle, once checked in went for dinner at The Five Points Café/Pub in Seattle, they sell excellent food & real ale, I first visited The Five Point in 2007, and had to return for more excellent food & quench. - I am now chilling out with more ice cold quench. "This Has Been An Excellent Day".

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