04/05 - June - 2015. -  San Francisco, California, USA - 2015. - In This Gallery as follows, today Thursday 04/June - 2015, upon arriving at our hotel The Holiday Inn, Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco, California at around 19:30, once checked into our hotel we had an early evening stroll, it was back to our room, a quick snack and a couple of beers, before having an early night.

USA - 2015. - Today - Friday 05/June - 2015, after an early breakfast we went walking around San Francisco, visiting The Coit Tower, we went through Little Italy & Chinatown, stopping off at Lefty O'Doul's Irish Pub, I had a pint of Lefty's Right Arm (A Nice Real Ale). It was a beautiful sunny day, although at times Scona was feeling the cold, as a very fresh breeze was a blowing. We decided to go to The Golden Gate Bridge, we went up to Marin Point for an excellent view of the bridge. It was not just a breeze that was blowing, but a fairly strong wind. Now feeling a little tired and trying to catch up on my sleep, as still suffering from jet lag. I am just ready for a couple of nice cold quenches.

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