USA - 2012. - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  - Today after breakfast we left our hotel here in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and we drove to The Gettysburg Battlefield, this is the area of 1863, military engagements of the Battle of Gettysburg.

We travelled around the battlefield, taken in all of the areas of interest, as follows McPherson's Ridge Area, Eternal Light Peace Memorial Area, Oak Ridge Area, Seminary Ridge Avenue, North Carolina Memorial Area, Virginia Memorial Area, Pitzer Woods Area, Gettysburg, Warfield Ridge Area, Little Round Top Area, The Wheatfields Area, The Peachfield's Area, The Plum Area, The Pennsylvania Memorial Area, and The High Water Mark Area. After this day at The Gettysburg Battlefield, we headed off towards our hotel at Front Royal, Virginia. Another Great Day On This Vacation.

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