USA 2010 - John Macs Travel & Photography.

USA 2010.

Myself and friends John Moore (Scona), John Finlay (Fid), and Maureen Finlay (Mo), John and Maureen loved this adventure, as this was their first long haul flight and visit to The USA.

As we decided to fly into San Francisco, California, then take a rental car on a good tour between San Francisco, California and Santa Monica, California.

 Taking in some great sights and scenery on the way, before driving to LAX, Los Angeles, California for our flight back to the UK. Starting off in San Francisco we took in the sights San Francisco had to offer, then started on this great vacation.

USA - 2010. Full Itinerary Worked Out, Planned & Organised By John L Moore & John R McNally,

Added Itinerary Input By John Finlay & Maureen Finlay.

Put Together & Booked By Dave Eddleston Of Mainstreet Travel Group - Durham, UK.

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