003 - USA - 2007 - John Macs Travel & Photography.

003 - USA - 2007.

After our flight from Fairbanks, Alaska To San Francisco, California, we discovered Scona's Luggage had no arrived, there was a panic, as Scona's medication was in the luggage. We had to go to a doctors around Union Square, to get new medication.

Well once we arrived back in Fisherman's Wharf we went straight for early dinner, couple of beers, and supplies for our travels.

After spending 2 nights in San Francisco, California, we drove to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, then onto Bodie State Historic Park, California, before ending up at our hotel at Mammoth Mountain, California.

A very eventful couple of days. But As Usual Fully Enjoying This Vacation.

003 - USA - 2007.

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