My seventeenth visit to the USA was in 2004, and I went with my friends John Moore & Ray Pallan.

Starting off in Seattle we took in the sights Seattle had to offer, then continued on our vacation, taken in all of these places and sights, across The USA & Canada as follows. Seattle, Washington State, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State, travelling on through Washington State, then into West Glacier, Montana, Glacier National Park, Montana, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, through Minnesota and into Clear Lake, Iowa, through Wisconsin on to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

Travelling on and arriving into Chicago, Illinois, for a couple of nights, staying there for "The 4th Of July Celebrations" and Chicago put on a great show in Grant Park for the fourth of July. Leaving here we then went into Canada, visiting Ottawa, Canada, we had to cut Canada short after this as the rain storms were torrential, so we moved back over into the USA finishing off our vacation over the next couple of days, after visiting Hartford, Connecticut, Gloucester, Massachusetts, Salem, Massachusetts, then finishing off in Washington DC. By then the torrential rain from Canada had caught up with us, and to be honest the photo opportunities had ended through the torrential rain.

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