Tuesday 03/December - 2019. Sabang, Indonesia - 2019. -Arrived here in Sabang early morning. After breakfast I had a walk on deck to take a few photos, of the sun rising. We disembarked at around 10:00 am, and there was a welcome party from Sabang, meeting everyone, they were all in their traditional costumes, very polite and friendly people, there was music and dancing.

We had a walk along into this beautiful little town/city on this beautiful Indonesian Island, we were greeted be locals and school children, all wanting to give us "High Fives". We continued walking around Sabang, taken plenty of photos, before going back on to the ship for lunch, beers and chilling out. At 7:00 pm we had a great dinner, followed by a great show, then a few beers, around the different pubs on board.  "An End To Another Great Day"

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