Sunday 12/February - 2017,  Isandlwana & Rorke’s Drift Battlefields, South Africa - 2017. - This morning up at around 07:00 am, breakfast at 07:30 am. After breakfast, we awaited our bus to take us a short distance on our tour of Isandlwana & Rorke’s Drift Battlefields, this was a very interesting tour.

Our Battlefields guide and historian Dalton Ngobese, who was a descendant of one of the Zulu chiefs from when the Zulu’s beat the British at Isandlwana. At the battlefields of Isandlwana was the biggest single defeat of the British Army, inflicted by The Zulu Nation.

At the battlefield of Rorke’s Drift, was where 11 VC’s were awarded at that battle. The heat was up to 36 deg out on those battlefields today (Very Hot). After our battlefields tour, we went to The Talana Museum, having a good look around this well laid out museum, then we had a beautiful Sunday lunch as well as a couple of cold beers at the restaurant at the museum. We arrived back at our hotel at 4:00 pm, just chilling out for the rest of the day, having a couple of beers to help us. An end to another excellent day.

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