Saturday 11/February - 2017.

Kruger National Park To Dundee, South Africa Tour - 2017. 

Up this morning at 05:30 am, breakfast then prepared for our journey from The Kruger to Dundee. On this journey it was a very uneventful day, just driving and stopping for lunch. We set off from The Kruger at 07:30 am and arrived at our beautiful hotel The Battlefields Lodge, Dundee at 6:00 pm. On our way down here today, we passed through Swaziland, this is where we stopped off for lunch.

Once we arrived at our hotel, we went for dinner at 7:00 pm, followed by a couple of beers, before chilling out and back into our rooms after a long and tiring day on the road, then it was not long before we were ready for bed.

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