“Tour 2” - Friday 10/February – 2017.

Kruger National Park, South Africa Tour – 2017.

Today up at 08:30 am, today a leisurely breakfast, followed by just chilling out. When our maid did our room today, she had picked fresh flowers and made beautiful flower patterns on the bed. We had a stroll around Hippo Hollow, then lunch with a couple of beers, before being picked up for our afternoon Safari.

Musa our Safari guide arrived at 3:00 pm, to take us into The Kruger for an afternoon/early evening Safari, followed by a Bush Braai (BBQ in the bush).

Today we spotted Elephants, South African Antelopes, Hippo, Wild Birds, as well as some beautiful landscapes.

Then we went for our Bush Braai, and beers, and then it was off to our hotel at 9:00 pm, and back to our rooms for an early night, after another fantastic but tiring day.

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