Wednesday/08 February - 2017,  Johannesburg, South Africa - 2017. - After a good night’s sleep here in Johannesburg, we were up early, breakfast at 06:00 am, then prepared for our long journey to The Kruger National Park, where we had accommodation for 3 nights.

This was a very uneventful day, basically travelling and stopping for lunch on the way. But the highlight of this travel was stopping off to view the beautiful Blyde River Canyon, I don’t think we spent enough time there, but what we did see was excellent. After a very tiring travel to Kruger we arrived at our hotel at around 5:00 pm, this was very beautiful, and was called The Hippo Hollow Country Estate. I was ill travelling down to Kruger, as I had a reaction to the Malaria Tablets, so I had to go straight to bed when we arrived, while Scona & Ray went for dinner.

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