Thursday & Friday 19/20/October – 2017.  Lima, Peru - 2017. - Over these 2 last days here in Lima, Peru, we just chilled out, had a walk around Miraflores Area of Lima, having coffee and beers as well as lunch on the way.

On Thursday night myself, Scona, Chris, Fanny & David had a beautiful dinner and beers at a local restaurant, before finishing off back at our hotel on a local Peruvian cocktail called “Pisco Sour”.

Friday we had lunch and beers at our hotel, before setting off for Lima Airport for our flight back to the UK. On our last day in Peru, after a fantastic holiday. - We loved getting out of the big cities and view the local historic sites and the beauty of the country, as well as meeting the local people.

This holiday has been more like an adventure, it has been very tiring at times but worth it.

Our Eleventh & Twelfth Days Here In Peru Was A Great Chill Out At The End Of This Fantastic Tour.

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