Tuesday 17/October – 2017. Puno, Lake Titicaca, Peru - 2017. - Up at 05:00am this morning, a shower then a beautiful breakfast, we were picked up at 07:15 am for our journey/cruise on the beautiful Lake Titicaca.

We visited Uros the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, fantastic meeting the locals that live out on this beautiful Lake Titicaca, on these floating islands. We stopped of here for a couple of hours, watching demonstrations and listening to stories of the Uros people’s way of life, and also getting dressed up in local costumes.

We also visited Taquile Island where we had a leisurely 1 hour walk, taking in the beauty of this island. We had a fantastic day having lunch with the locals. Arriving back at our hotel here in Puno, an end to another fantastic day. Our Ninth Day Here In Peru Was Tiring But Another Great Day On This Tour.

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