Day 8 - Sunday 18/June – 2017.Tromso, Norway - 2017. - Arrived at Tromso, within The Arctic Circle at around 07:00 am. Once we had breakfast, we got our things together and disembarked at around 09:30am for our walking tour around Tromso. We visited Polaria, which is the world's most northerly aquarium, spending around one and a half hours there.

After this we continued our walk, and making our way to The Arctic Cathedral, walking over The Tromso Bridge. After visiting this beautiful Arctic Cathedral, we made our way back to the ship, the problem was it had started to rain, as we walked the 2 miles back to The Celebration.

Once we arrived back at about 1:30pm, we had a little lunch and beer, then chilled out for the rest of the day. Dinner at 7:00pm in The Meridian Restaurant, followed by a show in The Broadway Lounge, with drinks there and finished off at Horizons for more drinks. We got back to our cabins after another long and tiring day at 0:45 am. An End To A Great Day.

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