Day 3 - Tuesday 13/June – 2017.  Flam, Norway - 2017. - We arrived in Flam at around 07:00 am, and after breakfast we were ready and disembarking for our visit to Flam, at around 09:30 am. After getting off our ship, we made our way to the visitors centre, picking up maps, and planning our walk, which was around a 5 mile round trip, we walked as far as Flam church, taken photos on our way.After our walk, we made our way back to The Celebration, arriving at 1:00pm.

That afternoon we had lunch and a beer in The Lido. We chilled out for rest of the day, before going for dinner at The Meridian Restaurant at 7:00pm. After our dinner we went to Hemingway's Lounge for drinks where we stopped all night, drinking and chatting to 2 lovely ladies as well as a couple called Barry & Irene. We had a midnight snack in The Lido, before retiring to bed totally tired out. An End To A Great Day.

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