Sunday 23rd November - 2014. -  Ranthambore National Park - India - 2014. "Morning Safari." - Our day started with an early morning call, as we had to be up and get organised for our visit into Ranthambore National Park. We had one visit today into the park. We then came back to our hotel for lunch at around 12:00 noon as we were leaving Sawai Madhopur at around 14:00 for the last part of our journey to Jaipur.

Starting off from our hotel at 06:30 am, and entering this beautiful park at around 07:00 am.  This was quite an experience, as today at around 07:30 am, we spotted our first Tiger with its three cubs, our National Park Guide told us that there used to be four cubs, but one of them got eating by a crocodile.

"WOW" - Just seeing a Tiger in the wild with its cubs, majestically walking in the wooded area during the early morning mist, brought a lump to your throat. What an experience, this was a fantastic end to our visit to this beautiful "Ranthambore National Park" "WOW"  This Day Ended In Jaipur, And What A Fantastic Day.

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