Shanghai, China - 2009. - In 2009, myself and friend John Moore decided to go on to China, with a tour company Oriental Travel. This was a fantastic 23 day vacation. Today we arrived in Shanghai, spending 2 nights, before our onward trip to Hong Kong. We Spent A Fantastic Evening Watching The World Famous Shanghai Acrobatic Show Performing Gravity-Defying Contortionism, Juggling, Uni-cycling, Chair-Stacking, & Plate-Spinning Acts.

We also visited The Jade Buddha Temple which is probably the most famous temple in Shanghai. There are two Buddha's Housed within, and both are made of white jade. We also visited Yu Yuan Bazaar which is Shanghai's Flea Market. Within its narrow lanes are over 100 shops, teahouses, wine houses, snack bars, restaurants, and also China's oldest teahouse. We also had a walk around Shanghai's French Quarter. We left the tour early next morning, taking The Maglev Train, from Shanghai to the airport, before our flight to Hong Kong.

This is the end of our tour once we got onto our flight for Hong Kong, to spend 3 nights.

On this vacation within China, we found the local people very friendly and courteous. The food and hotels throughout this tour was 5 Star, Excellent Vacation.

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