Suzhou, China - 2009. - In 2009, myself and friend John Moore decided to go on to China, with a tour company Oriental Travel. This was a fantastic 23 day vacation. Today we arrived in Suzhou, which is often dubbed "The Venice Of The East". Spending 2 nights at the Pingjiang Lodge, and is a traditional Chinese-style hotel converted from a Ming Dynasty mansion.

We visited The Humble Administrator's Garden In Suzhou, Is One Of The Most Beautiful Gardens In China. The Scenery Is Around A Central Pond with Various Buildings Of: Pavilions, Terraces, Chambers & Towers Located By The Water. Just Before Going Into The Gardens, We Were Approached By 2 Children And Their Mother, The Children Wanted To Talk To Us. They Then Started To Sing For Us. "Unbelievable Beautiful" It Was So Beautiful And Tranquil Just Strolling Around Here.

On this tour we met some fantastic people on the tour, also we found the local people very friendly and courteous. The food and hotels throughout this tour was 5 Star, Excellent Vacation.

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