Longji Rice Terraces, Longsheng, China - 2009. - In 2009, myself and friend John Moore decided to go on to China, with a tour company Oriental Travel. This was a fantastic 23 day vacation, our third stop was at Longji Rice Terraces.

We Went For What Was A Very Hard And Steep Climb Up The Longji Rice Terraces, At Longsheng. The Views On The Way Up Where Beautiful, And Once We Got To The Top Even More Spectacular, Coming Down We Stopped Off Half Way For Lunch. “The Longji Rice Terrace Were Built During The Ming Dynasty, About 500 Years Ago.And Resemble A Dragon's Scales, While The Summit Of The Mountain Looks Like The Backbone Of A Dragon”.

On this tour we met some fantastic people on the tour, also we found the local people very friendly and courteous. The food and hotel throughout this tour was 5 Star, Excellent Vacation

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