Saturday 03/December – 2016. - Berlin, Germany Weekend - 2016. - This is our full day in Berlin, after breakfast this morning we headed up to the Checkpoint Charlie area, to catch a Hop On – Hop Off City Tour Bus. This took us around points of interest, I believe we made a mistake by staying on bus for the full circle without getting off, apart from when the driver stopped at a Christmas Market for one hour along the way.

After getting back onto the bus, we decided to get off the bus at Potsdamer Platz, now while the rest of the gang went for something to eat, I walked up to The Brandenburg Gate taken photos, along the way, visiting The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, The Golden Statues On Ebertstrasse, The Goethe Monument Berlin, FRIEDE - FRIEDE -FRIEDE Statue Berlin, after arriving at The Brandenburg Gate. I did my photo shoot, then my friends arrived, we split into 2 groups, then got separated, after finishing off taken photos, we headed back to hotel, as Twed, Elaine, Eddy & Maureen headed for Restaurant Maximilians, for a couple Or More beautiful beers “Paulaner Lager”.

We all met up later before going out to The Fontana di Trevi Restaurant, for dinner, following this later by a few more German beers in The Irish Times Pub, before heading back to our hotel for another good night’s sleep.

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