Friday 02/December – 2016. - Berlin, Germany Weekend - 2016. - After a very early start and flight from Newcastle to Berlin (Around 1 hour – 45 minutes), after arriving in Berlin, passing through customs, then making our way to train station, catching a train down to Alexanderplatz, the ticket cover us for the train journey, then a bus ride to Spittelmarkt, then with a short walk to our hotel, The LebensQuelle Hotel, (So Much Confusion Trying To Get Correct Bus) as I believe, people either did not or would not help us, they had us back and forward, even bus drivers, who’s bus we had been told to get, said No this is wrong bus, eventually we found a bus driver who said Yes this is the bus.

But putting that aside, we had a great time in Berlin, as after checking in at out Hotel, we had a walk out visiting along the way:- “Balancing Act” sculpture by Stephan Balkenhol, Checkpoint Charlie, The Berlin Wall See It Here Museum, then we made our way to Restaurant Maximilians, on Friedrichstraße, having a couple of beers in there, the beer was so pure and beautiful, what a great place this was, we promptly booked our evening meal for 19:00 hrs.

Returning back to our hotel, a little rest, followed by a shower and ready to go out for dinner at Restaurant Maximilians, the food, beer, and service was fantastic. After dinner we went to a pub and had more beer, before returning to our hotel, for a well-deserved sleep, after a long and tiring day.

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