Day 1 & Day 2.  Saturday 23 & Sunday 24/June - 2018.  Newcastle, UK To Sweden - 2018. -Saturday we arrived at North Shields and checked in for our cruise by 1:00pm. We eventually got into our cabin on Deck 6, then had a lunch and beer in the buffet “Islands”, then by the time we finished lunch, we had a walk around getting our bearings around the ship.

Saturday - We set sail at around 6:30pm, so this was a great opportunity to get up on deck and take a couple of photos on our way down the River Tyne. Later that afternoon it was shower and up to Gallery 47° Italian Restaurant for dinner. It was great just having dinner with the crew looking after you. After dinner it was off to the bar Live Room, then off to Broadway Show Lounge for a show followed by another oldies style disco at bar 11.

This Was A Fantastic Day.

Sunday -  Was a time to relax, as we were at sea today on our way to Gothenburg, Sweden. We filled our day by getting to know where everything was on the layout of this beautiful ship. Also getting exercise by walking around the deck (4 Times Around The Deck = 1 Mile). At around 4:00 pm, we had a bit of a catastrophe, when the wastewater was spurting out of the sink, the room was flooded, and we had to change cabins.

Out later that night for dinner, followed by a show, and beers at some of the great bars and lounges around the ship. Then it was time to go back to our cabins for a good night's sleep. 2 eventful days to the start of our vacation on the Marella Discovery. But We Were Loving it.

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