Thursday 02/June - 2022.

Lake Windermere Walk, Cumbria, UK - 2022.

Aprox 4 mile Walk.

Today we took my friends (Scona) car from Patterdale to Ambleside, parked it up, then took a ferry over Lake Windermere, it took 15 minutes to cross the lake, getting of at Wray Castle. From Wray Castle, we enjoyed a pleasant four mile walk along Windermere’s western shore, heading south towards Ferry House.

We walked along the traffic-free route, on this special footpath which hugs the shore for the entire route and delight in breath-taking views of the lake.

Once there we took a ferry over to Bowness, then a short walk to another ferry terminal, then took a ferry back along to Ambleside.

We had a great day out on this beautiful June day.

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