A Walk Along The Banks Of The River Tyne. The Banks Of The Tyne, Gateshead, UK - 2015.

This is now a beautiful walk and cycleway. I was firstly shown by my friend John L Moore (Scona) The Harry Clasper Memorial Pennant at Derwenthaugh Marina, which is the end of the Historic Tyne Championship Regatta course near Scotswood Bridge. This is yet another celebration of "My Great-Great-Great Grandfather Henry Harry Clasper" (A True Geordie Legend).

Continuing my walk a couple of weeks later from Dunston Staithes which is a monument to Dunston/Tyneside's historic past, offering fantastic views of the River Tyne. The Dunston Staithes which are reputed to be Europe’s largest wooden structure. The Staithes was built on the River Tyne in 1893, this was to ship coal from the local coalfields to the world. I continued my walk along to Gateshead Quays, passing all of the bridges over The River Tyne. I made my way to Gateshead Heritage Centre at St Mary's Church, Oakwellgate, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE8. This was for the launch of a book written and researched by my friend Peter Annable, myself and Peter where part of a group of good friends who had a few beers together and went out every weekend to CIU/Working Men's Clubs around Gateshead and districts.

There was some fantastic local talent, like the comedian Bobby Thompson, Alan Snell, Bobby Pattinson, and groups like The John Miles Set, Brass Alley, And The Trip, Peter Annable has written a book about those great days " The Clubs of Gateshead" a great book looking back when every town and village had at least one working man's club, this book focuses on The Clubs of Gateshead. An excellent book, this gave me time to meet up with some old friends from the 70's, a great book launch, and time out to talk to my old friends from the past. After the book launch, I took a nice stroll back into Dunston, along the banks of The River Tyne, which so ended a fantastic day, of beautiful views and nostalgia of social life in the 70's.

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