Swalwell, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, UK - 2014.

In 1962 we moved home to Swalwell, staying there until 1967, we lived at 4 Valley Drive, Swalwell.  My third sister Susan was born while we lived at Swalwell, in 1966.

Although, I never played around this area as a child, I still had happy memories of Swalwell. I worked at The General Concrete Works of Swalwell, and my foreman was "Geordie Swaddle" a very nice gentleman. This was hard work, where I batched up cement/concrete for the Stone Mason's.  I worked with an old friend called John Rutter, and a lad from Dunston called Alan McGee.

My uncle Billy Pyle got married to his wife "Alice Snaith" at The Holy Trinity Church, they remained and lived in Crowley Road, Swalwell.

We continued to live in Swalwell until 1967 when we moved back to Dunston, where I still live in Dunston to this day. Swalwell is a village in the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead in North East England. It is probably better known today for being the location of Gateshead Metro Centre, but it has been the birthplace and/or residence of some interesting people.

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