Whickham, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, UK - 2014.

Around 1953 while my dad was still in the army, my mother got her first house at 45 Kingsley Place, Whickham, along with myself and then little baby sister Maureen, we started our new life as a family in Whickham. We lived there until around 1962, when we moved to Swalwell, this was into a bigger house to accommodate our now larger family, as we had now another 2 children as well as my dad, who was then back from the army, my other sister was Joyce and my brother was Jimmy.

We spent some great times in Whickham, as there was still lots of wide open spaces and wooded areas, to play in. My friends from Whickham where Alan Dale, who still lived in the same house in Wordsworth Avenue from back in 1953 from when I first met him, Until He Passed Away In December 2014 (RIP Alan). My other friends where Terry Teasdale, Arne Kristiansen & Gerald Atkinson, whom I have not seen since my teens (I Met Up With Arne In September 2019, On A Fantastic & Emotional Reunion In Middlesbrough).

Our favourite places in those early days, was Whickham Picture Hall, or as locally known as "The Ranch" another place was The Chase Park, on The Front Street of Whickham. - Whickham is a beautiful small, prosperous commuter town in North East England, UK, 5 miles south west of Newcastle upon Tyne, and is situated on high ground overlooking the River Tyne.

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