Thursday 08/August – 2019.  Waskerley Way, County Durham, UK - 2019.

As part of our weekly walks myself, and 2 friends, Maureen & John Finlay set out on our walk on The Waskerley Way, County Durham. We went on The Waskerley Way from Waskerley Station To Parkhead Station, County Durham. - “This walk took us around 3 hours".

Once we arrived and parked our car, we set off on our walk up onto Waskerley Way @ Waskerley Station, Then Down To Waskerley Reservoir, then continuing towards Parkhead Station Bed and Breakfast & Tea Rooms. While in the tearooms, a guy and his wife asked if I was John McNally, he turned out to be Terry Barker & his wife who used to work at Dunlop, TVTE, Gateshead, I have never seen Terry since end of 1982, we had a bit chat, then we were on our way, It was great seeing Terry again.

We stopped in for coffee, cola & teacake before heading back to our cars, this was a 8 mile round trip. There was lots of people out on this beautiful day, walking, cycling and also walking their dogs, another great day out in the beautiful Durham countryside. I always take my little Lumix camera with me, just to record our walks by taken photos while on the move. Just to think, only about 15 miles from my home I can be into some beautiful countryside, within around a 30-minute drive.

***Just One Of The Beautiful Walks We Have Within The North Of England, UK, So Close To Our Homes***

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