Thursday 18/April – 2019.   St John’s Chapel, County Durham, UK - 2019.

Today (18/April - 2019) we had our weekly "Old Men's Walk & The Lasses" - Myself and 3 friends, John Finlay, Maureen Finlay & Tony Tweddle, we went to St John's Chapel, County Durham (Weardale) . “This walk took us around 3 hours". Once we arrived and parked our car, we set off on our walk up through the fields and onto the moors, taken in the beauty of this very rugged landscapes that surrounded us. I would say you have to be walking fit, to do the walk we did today, as we did about 8 miles, lots up uphill. We did not see anyone, out today up here on the moors on this beautiful sunny spring day, it was a great day weather wise, another great day out in the beautiful County Durham countryside, on this Mineral Valley Walk, in Weardale.

After we finished our walk, we stopped off at a very friendly café in St John's Chapel “The Chatterbox Cafe", for tea, coffee, scones & tea cakes.I always take my little Lumix camera with me, just to record our walks by taken photos while on the move. Just to think, only about 40.2 miles from my home I can be into some beautiful countryside, within around a 57-minute drive.

***Just One Of The Beautiful Walks We Have Within The North Of England, UK, So Close To Our Homes****

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