Thursday 23/August – 2018.   Wylam, Northumberland, UK – 2018.

We had our weekly "Old Men's Walk & Lasses Walk " - Myself and 4 friends, we went to Morpeth, Northumberland - “But We Did Not Get A Walk In Morpeth, As It Was Stotting Down With Rain.” We ended up waiting in the car park for it to stop raining, but it did not, so we drove over to Heighley Gate Garden Centre, we had a look around, followed by coffee and cake.

We set off home, as just gave it up as it was still raining heavy, when we got near home as it had stopped raining, we ended up at Wylam, Northumberland, and had ourselves a little walk, as of a 4 mile round trip, it came onto rain for 10 minutes, but we just got out of it under the trees. After arriving back at our car, it was on our way home.

"Another Great Walk On A Somewhat Iffy Day, But We At Least Got A Walk In" I always take my little Lumix camera with me, just to record our walks by taken photos while on the move. Just to think, only about 11 miles from my home I can be into some beautiful countryside, within around a 15 minute drive.

***Just One Of The Beautiful Walks We Have Within The North Of England, UK, So Close To Our Homes****

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