Friday 15/August - 2014.  Beadnell & Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, UK  - 2014.

Today myself and my friend Ray Pallan arranged for another day out up The Northumberland Coast. This time leaving again at 07:15 am, we first stopped off at the little village of Beadnell , and having a walk around the beautiful Beadnell Bay.

After this we drove up to Bamburgh Castle, this Castle is truly magnificent. We did a round trip walk from Bamburgh Castle, along the beach, to Druridge Bay, then back again, visiting the beautiful little village of Bamburgh. Here in Bamburgh, we visited St Aidan's Church, this is where the last resting place of Grace Darling who was an English lighthouse keeper's daughter, famed for participating in the rescue of survivors from the shipwrecked Forfarshire in 1838.

This was another fantastic day out walking, sightseeing and photography along some fantastic coastlines here in the UK. We stopped off at Beadnell for a well deserved pint, before our journey back home. Just to think, only about 53 miles from my home I can be into some beautiful countryside, within around a 64 minute drive. Once we get there, we park the car and set off on our walk, always ending our walk with a sandwich and coffee.

***Just One Of The Beautiful Walks We Have Within The North Of England, UK, So Close To Our Homes****

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