Sunday 14/September - 2014. The Staithes, Dunston, Gateshead, UK - 2014.

Another trip to the banks of The Tyne, as this weekend is an open day, English Heritage Weekend.

Although the first ten images show "The Ruins Of The Old Cross Keys Pub" I thought I would include these images, for the reason that The Cross Keys had strong links to The Dunston Staithes, as this was the first pub that the sailors headed for once they got of their ships (coasters) at Dunston. On this English Heritage Weekend the public where allowed onto the upper level & lower level of The Staithes. It's amazing how much work has went into The Staithes to restore it.

As The Staithes is a major landmark on the Tyne, Dunston Staithes is now a "Scheduled Ancient Monument" The Dunston Staithes is believed to be "The Largest Timber Structure In Europe" Dunston Staithes was first opened in 1893, and also a second set of Staithes was built adjoining the first set of Staithes in 1903, a tidal basin was also dug out, providing six berths, where colliers could be loaded at all states of the tide.

A fire in 2003 seriously damaged the monument of the Staithes, destroying a section which detached the eastern end thus creating a monument.  I Have Some Fond Memories Of Dunston Staithes, From My Childhood. I hope you enjoy these images of Dunston Staithes.

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