Friday 10/April - 2019.

Beamish, the Living Museum of the North, County Durham, UK - 2019.

Georgian Country Fair. Today I went to visit this beautiful outdoor museum. Which is a beautiful place to visit, this museum is a must for everyone young and old alike.

Today was a great event “The Georgian Country Fair”. The Squire of Pockerley is inviting visitors to join him – consult the quack doctor, marvel at the fire eater and magician, be entertained by the flea circus and travelling showman, meet the alpacas, falcons and ferrets. “And Much More”.  All of this across this beautiful outdoor museum. Stepping back in time to see and learn how your ancestors lived. I spent 2 hours walking around, checking out everything, and taken 189 photos.

Also - The Very Special Surprise Of The Day, Was Someone Shouting My Name In A French/Geordie Accent, Looking Around It Was Francoise Rowles, Followed By Her Husband Dennis Rowles, This Was An Incredible Chance Meeting, Never Seen Them Since The Seventies, I was At Their Wedding In France In 1975, Lots Of Hugging & Hand Shaking, I Was Gob Smacked. THEN There Was Another Voice Saying Is That John McNally, I Said Yes, Looking Around This Guy Said He Was David Beedham, Me And David Played Together As Bairns, I Have Never Seen David Since The Sixties. What An Incredible Meeting Of 4 Old Friends. This was a fantastic day out.

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