Sunday 29/August - 2021.

Keswick To Threlkeld Walk, Cumbria, UK - 2021.

Distance = 7.43 mile. Time = 2:33:21.

I have just got back from my Keswick TO Threlkeld Walk, approx 7.5 mile. Started off overcast, walking from Keswick TO Threlkeld, we walked along the old railway track, towards Threlkeld, arriving at this beautiful little village. Walking back towards Keswick, Fid & Maureen, continued back, up and over Lat Rigg.

Once I arrived back in Keswick, I had a couple of cold quenches, with Ray & Scona.

We had a few quenches, then back to B&B, getting ready for dinner at 7:00pm, followed by a few cold quenches.

***An End To Our Third Day Here In Keswick.***

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