Pickering "Wartime & 1940's" Weekend, Pickering, North Yorkshire, UK – 2016. Sunday 16/October – 2016.

This was my first ever visit to this great event, which is held every year, around October time. 2016 this event was held on the weekend of Friday 14th October until Sunday 16th October 2016. I had been given a seat on the bus from Chester Le Street, Co Durham, UK, this was organised by Chester Le Street Camera Club, who are a great bunch of people who I have known for a couple of years, they made me most welcome on this day outing to this fantastic event at Pickering, North Yorkshire.

I would advise anyone to go along to this event the next time “October – 2017” for a great day out. All of the participants, get dressed up in Wartime Military Clothes as well as 1940’s Civilian Clothes, making this a very colourful weekend. All of the town of Pickering do their best to participate to make this weekend a time to remember. I will most certainly be making another visit in 2017. It is a photographer’s paradise, and you know, “Everyone” who dresses up 100’s of them, are all too happy to pose for your photographs.

What I did was after reviewing my finished images, I decided to set around editing them, trying my best to edit out anyone within the photos with modern day clothes on. This was followed by adding Blur to the background of the images, and given each image an old style tone and vignette to it, to add some atmosphere to the final images. “I May Of Added To Much Vignette, But It Achieved A Look That I Liked”.

I Hope You Enjoy These Photographs Of Pickering "Wartime & 1940's" Weekend, Pickering, North Yorkshire, UK – 2016.

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