From Wednesday 10/October 2018 To Friday 12/October 2018. London, UK - 2018.

Today we had a good start by having a nice cooked breakfast at our hotel, The President Hotel.

Myself, Fid, Eddy, & Scona walked from our hotel to The Imperial War Museum, taken in the sites along the way, we made our way to Waterloo Bridge and heading along the South Bank towards Westminster Bridge, then off towards The Imperial War Museum, getting some great photos along the way.

Both Maureen & Maureen they got the bus from our hotel, to The Imperial War Museum, and meeting us there.

We decided that we did not have the time this morning, to go into the museum, so we made the decision to come back on Friday morning for a proper visit, and have a good look around. We made our way up to Westminster Pier for our round trip cruise to Greenwich and back.

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