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USA 2011.

I have worked all my life, starting off as a milk boy at Ilfracombe Dairies, of Whickham, delivering milk, door to door, as they did back then in the 60's, followed by batching up concrete for stone masons at Swalwell Concrete Works.

Then moving onto Pioneer Plant Hire, Dunston, "Good Hard Work" but best pay around then, this place was managed & owned by Gordon Haddow, who I personally found to be a hard, but fair boss.

"Out Of All My Working Life I Had More Respect For Gordon Than Any Boss I Have Worked For Since", as he would never tell you to do anything that he could not do himself.

Gordon & his wife June now runs & own  Kenwith Conifer Nursery, Bideford, Devon, UK.

I also spent nearly 34 years working for Dunlop at TVTE, Gateshead, and Dunlop Hiflex, Sunderland, and I still tell great and affectionate stories, about my time spent there.

The last 11 years of my working life has been spent in administration/customer service.

I have traveled all over Europe, in 1974 & 1985, I have also been into Every State in USA, since I first visited in 1977, and still love visiting the USA, also I have traveled all over Canada. In 2006 I traveled all over Australia, & The South Island Of New Zealand also into Singapore & Hong Kong. In 2009 I toured China, which was a fantastic tour. Also in 1989 I traveled all over Egypt camping, and in 1987 I traveled to Russia. In 2008 I traveled to Krakow, in Poland for a long weekend. In 2014, I visited Vietnam & Cambodia, for another fantastic vacation, and in November 2014 I visited India, which was another fantastic vacation. In April 2016 I visited  Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, this was another fantastic vacation.  I have also just came back from a fantastic vacation in South Africa in 2017, as well as 2 week cruise in the beautiful Norwegian Fjords in June - 2017, And now just returned from a 2 weeks vacation in Peru, in October - 2017.

In November/December 2019, I spent 2 weeks on a fantastic cruise, on Marella Discovery, South East Asia, for my 70th birthday.

In July 2019, I spent 3 days in the beautiful city of Bruges, Belgium, visiting The Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 & The Tyne Cot Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery and Memorial.

In January 2019, I went on a fantastic tour of Sri Lanka, it was very beautiful, we loved it.

In June 2018, I went on a fantastic 2 week cruise in The Baltics, on The Baltic Capitals Cruise - 2018. 

In 2015 I had a fantastic 6 week tour of USA & Canada, seeing some fantastic sights along the way.

Also just returning after a long weekend in Amsterdam, Holland at the beginning of September, 2015, also another long weekend at the end of 2015 in Vienna, Austria. In December 2016, I visited Berlin for a fantastic weekend.

Apart from this travelling I have in my younger days travelled on package holidays to all of the med hot spots, also having invites to 2 weddings in France which I went to in 1974 and 1975.

All Of The Travelling In The USA Over The Years, From 1980 Up To Present Day Has Been With My Good Friend, John L Moore aka: Scona. Also Over The Years I Have Travelled To USA With, Ray Pallan, Bernie Keating, John Finlay, Maureen Finlay, Alan Noble, Wilbur MacPhail, Alan Findlay, Peter Charlton, & Alan Hughes.

I have in the past worked as a doorman, in the bars, pubs, and clubs in Newcastle upon Tyne, starting off in Hofbrauhaus Newcastle, Waterloo Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. This was with my long time friend Hedley Welsh (Hed), also worked in Scamps Nightclub, and spending around 20 years working at The Old George Inn, on Newcastle's Cloth Market, with some great friends, Hed, Alder, Mark, Kevin, Chris and the late Splash, making lots of friends with a great bunch of customers, including the Old George manager Michael Gibson, Happy Memories.

In my early years going back to the 70's I practised Martial Arts, Wadu Ryu, Karate, under Sensei Brian Crossley, I gained a Black Belt, First Dan, I also studied Wing Chung, Kung Fu, under Sifu Peter Yeung.

In the early 80's I got interested in running, and completed the Great North Run, in 1hour :17mins in 1982.

I got into the Gym culture which I loved Body Building, and working out at The Vigour Gym, at Gateshead, with some great lads.

John Mac Looking Good 1992.

John Mac, Great North Run, 1982.

Dunlop T.V.T.E. - Running Team - 1982.

John Mac, Working Out.

John Mac - 1981.

John Mac, Wadu Ryu Karate.

Saltwell Wadu Ryu Karate - 1975.

Still living in Dunston, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, I still enjoy going out into Newcastle city centre for a few cold quenches, with my good friends, John Moore (Scona), Ray Pallan (The Chink), John Finlay (Fid), Maureen Finlay, and all of my friends from over the years, old and new.

My Interest At The Moment Is I am Trying To Photograph All Of The Beautiful Places We Have In The North & North East Of England.

Travel & Photography Is Still My Number One Interest.

***I Just Love Life***

John Mac - 07/August 2014.

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