Welcome To John Macs Travel & Photography Home Page.

I First Made This Website To Show My Photos From All Of My Travels Around The World.

"Follow Links Above To Navigate Around My Website To View My Images"

I just love taking photos, and along with my passion for travel, I think Travel & Photography go together very well. On this site you will find Folders & Albums of all of my images. Over the years since I first started cataloging my images on my PC, then transferring them to my website, I made sure every image had a title, caption, file name and tags.

While on my travels I  walk around with my camera, just taking photos of whatever I want, any photos of people I always ask permission. All of these images are only a photo journal of my travels, as well as when I am out walking on The Northumberland Coastline, also old images of family and friends, and any local events.

There Are Images Here In My Portfolio, That I Have Submitted To Photo Groups On Facebook, Which I Have Received Recognition For, Which Makes Me Very Proud.

I Am Also A Member Of TheWBTPA: World Best Top Photographer Association.

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